Philly Cheesesteak Dip

Superbowl Sunday Funday!

In prep for the Big Game, me and some other coaches at work compiled some low carb recipes for our members. This was one of them I could not wait to try.

Holy smokes, so good. It was very rich and decadent and super satisfying.

We had gone to Mike’s parents for the game and his mom had already prepared dinner but I was adamant that we were having this too.

Can you say CHEESE?!

Who doesn’t love steak and cheese?! This was just as satisfying as any steak and cheese sub I have ever had.

I served it with some fun crackers and it was a pretty solid appetizer.

It was ironic too since the Philly Eagles were playing the Pat’s this year, even though I was rooting for my home team, this recipe was honoring the Eagles.

What I really liked about this was that of course it was easy to make. The best part was that the steak was really roast beef  from the deli. This made it so much more convenient and took much less time to prepare.

Add some cream cheese, American cheese and like 10 other cheeses and bake it until it’s ooey gooey and you are good.

I think I even ate this for days after just by itself because it was so rich and decadent and satisfying, man I love fat haha

Highly recommend this too!



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