Adventure #65: Literally the BEST Homemade Sugar Cookies

I nailed this one. 

This was a great adventure and lesson in confidence and patience in my BAKING skills πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


I had been looking forward to baking Christmas cookies all season long. Some of our friends decided to do a cookie bake off on Xmas Eve eve. I was stoked!

I was originally going to try a few low carb recipes I had found at work but one of our friends is allergic to nuts and the recipes called for almond flour and peanut butter so those were a no go.

Then I decided to go in the total opposite direction and go with the sugary-est cookies ever.This was an excellent choice since I would have leftovers to decorate on Christmas day.

Lessons learned:

*baking really is as simple as perfect measurements and patience

*my electric hand mixer is more powerful than I thought

*equal parts butter to sugar is never a bad idea

*the bottom of a glass is the perfect cookie shaper

I am glad I read the blog post with this recipe before I made these. She had a lot of good insight, like don’t skimp on the time you spend mixing the butter and sugar. I was doubting the power of my little electric hand mixer but man did it do it good job. Patience is one of the toughest practices of cooking and baking for me. I really needed to spend the time here to get these just right and it paid off. 

Rolling the dough once I added the flour was fun and I loved rolling them into the sugar after, you can really see those little sugar crystals in the picture above; like little snow sparkles.

Using the glass to flatten the balls was genious and also fun. I felt like a pro😜 , the cookies were perfectly shaped.

I threw them in the oven just until the edges started to turn golden brown and then let them set. Easy. Perfection and gorgeous! Not to mention deliciously sweet and buttery. 

Perfect for enjoying plain or with some butter cream frosting and Christmas sprinkles.

Side note. I came in second place at the cookie bake off but the #1 cookie was snowflake shaped and hard to beat on looks!

This will be my go to sugar cookie for years to come.




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