Adventure #61: Salmon with Pumpkin Seeds and Lime and Baked Green Bean Chips

Hehe I’m back! Told ya. 😜

So last week was week 1 we decided to try out one of the meal plans from work. It was convenient when it came to shopping because the list was already written out but it was crazy expensive. So it’s low carb, high fat and high protein guidelines so man did we spend a ton on meat! 

Last week Mike did a lot of the cooking so it didn’t make sense for me to blog about something I didn’t cook. But this week I am back and ready to go! 

Tonight we had fish and for a side I made one of the snack recipes; green bean chips.

Let’s start with the fish. Well the guy at Market Baskets fish department doesn’t know what salmon is because I’m pretty sure he gave us tuna. I could be wrong but it was way too dark to be salmon. When it cooked it turned white like chicken. Very strange. The flavor was good though. The sauce that I drizzled on top was delish too. It was toasted pumpkin seeds, butter, lime juice and zest and chili powder. I really enjoyed it!

The green beans. I have a few members who have tried these and the reviews have been mixed. My thinking was you can’t go wrong throwing cheese on green beans and baking it. I was not wrong lol

I could have left them in a bit longer so they really crisped up and I would suggest that if you are looking for the “chip” crunch. Since these were being served as a side and not a snack, the light baked crispiness was just enough and the flavor was spot on. I love green beans plain so adding the cheese was just icing on the cake.

I would definitely recommend both of these recipes, all said and done about 40 minutes time commitment. (Less if the fish is not frozen)

Cooking the frozen fish and baking the green beans took the most time. 

And oh yeah, here are the recipes;

Green Beans:



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