Adventure #54: Butternut Squash, Kale and Brocolli Gnocchi

This was inspired by another dish I have already made but I was trying to get rid of some of the pasta in the house so I used the gnocchi instead of tortellini and kind of did my own thing with the sauce.

I had frozen butternut squash already cooked and ready to go so I just threw that in a pot to warm it up. Once it was boiling, I added kale, brocolli and a tiny bit of spinach that was at the butt end of the bag. To that I added heavy cream and parmesan cheese. Brought that to boil and kept tasting it every 5 seconds because it was so good! 

Then I just cooked the gnocchi- boiled the water, dropped them in and waited until they floated.

I asked Mike to take a picture so I was trying to be cognizant of what this would look like plated so I didn’t combine them. I served it almost as two different elements to the dish. Honestly, I was not a huge fan of just the plain gnocchi so I ended up combining it all together anyway. This sauce was so good. It was like yummy, cheesy brocolli mush and it was magical. 

Tonight was the first time in a while that I used chopsticks and oh man was it rough. It was one of those nights where I almost went hungry instead of trying to figure those darn things out! But I’m better than that and I didn’t cave. We’re going to Japan in like 3 weeks so it’s crunch time. 

We’re about to go food shopping and I have 2 other meals planned for this week so plenty of opportunities to practice!

Well that’s all for now. Stay tuned later this week for some retakes on a few recipes. 😜



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