Adventure#51: Honey Teriyaki Crockpot Chicken

Hey there 👋

Been a while.

Life these days has been busy and unfortunately my cooking has reflected that. I have found myself turning to leftovers or mostly already prepared foods. 

But here’s a new one:
My new thing is finding a recipe and whether or not it says crock pot, I throw all the ingredients in the crock pot. 

Worked out well for this one of course. I didn’t use the corn starch and didn’t miss it. The sauce was plenty thick and yummy. 

Mike made rice to go with it and brocolli. 👌

So here’s the thing, with the new job came a new way of looking at food. My program targets insulin resistance as the root cause of obesity and disease. Our nutritional guidance is based off foods with the lowest impact on insulin post meal-think “simplified glycemic index”. So basically I am giving our pantry a make over and trying to get rid of our rice and pasta and potatoes!!

Anyway, I am learning a ton and there is a whole slew of new recipes for me to try. It’s just about getting back on plan with building my lists ahead of time and making the time to cook. Our weekends have been so swamped that I don’t have the time I used to to do this meal prepping. Excuses, excuses: I will make time!

Anyway-give this one a try. It was yummy. 



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