Adventure #50: Lamb Meatballs with Spaghetti

I was starting to feel back to my old self and sort of into a new routine so I didn’t have to wing it and could think a little about this and find a recipe.

Here it is:
It took me until I had put these into the oven to realize I was using lamb and not beef. 

Michael mentioned as we were eating that they tasted sweet and thought that was because of the lamb. It sounded right to me. We really don’t eat much lamb but I do remember grabbing this at the store and wanting to try something different.

My new job coaches a lot around nutrition and we encourage a moderate carb, moderate to high protein and moderate fat “diet” ( ie way of eating). I came into this dish wanting the meatballs to be the star and was planning on stir frying some veggies but in order to do that I wanted a sticky sweet sauce for the meatballs and just didn’t have the ingredients in the house. So I went old fashioned here and also took note of all the pasta we have in the house that we never eat. So spaghetti and lamb balls it was. 😜

I used whole wheat angel hair pasta. I made the sauce using tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, peppers and half and half. Oh yeah and a little Mexican cheese haha, we didn’t have parmesan!

This came out really good. Comfort food at it’s finest and very filling of course. 

Definitely check out this recipe for the meatballs, it will be my go to from now on. I do still have a hankering for a sweet and sour or honey garlic meatball so I am sure you will see that soon!



PS; adventure #50 what what?!?!?

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