Adventure #49: Stuffed Peppers

Holy cheese!

I promise, layered under all that cheese is turkey and onions and peppers and black beans.

I didn’t follow a recipe for this one, I wung it. 

I cooked the turkey meat, actually Michael did while I worked out, and then I seasoned it with parsley, oregano, cayenne pepper, chili powder and salt and pepper. Then I mixed in the black beans and then stuffed them into the peppers and topped with cheese.

Nothing too fancy about these peppers. This was my first meal back at it. I started a new job and that first week commuting into the city consisted of a lot of eating out near the train stop and frozen leftovers!

I was glad that we had food shopped after that first week and I at least had some fresh produce to play with and could pair these with a baby arugla salad. 

I am slowly getting back into it, so stay tuned 🙏🙏



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