Adventure #47: Butternut Squash and Spinach Tortellini

Here it is:


Shout out to Dana on this one. She had pinned this maybe a week before I made it.

My only notes on this would be that the puree was a giant pain in the ass. I bought pre cut and peeled squash and thought that would save time because Dana did warn me about the puree.

I cooked the squash the same night I made the summer squash pie and let’s just say it had to go back into the oven when the pie did. It just took absolutely forever to cook.

Once I had the puree done this came together quick and was super tasty. I chose chicken and mozzarella tortellini. Omg yum just thinking about it now.

So this puree did yield like 4 servings so I threw it in the freezer and will likely use it next week with gnocchi.

Oh yeah so I got a new job and start next week so I will be relying heavily on freezer leftovers since I’ll be commuting from the city most of the week for training.

I am definitely looking forward to eating this again. I highly recommend this dish, just know that you need to have like an hour just for the squash.

Good luck!




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