Adventure #45: Asian Style Crock Pot Chicken

I mean, we are going to Japan in a few months and my chop stick game is NOT up to par.

Here’s the recipe:


This was another one of those “I have the meat, what do i want to do with it?” dishes. We had about a pound of chicken, boneless, skinless, in the freezer.

We had just booked our Air BnB’s for Japan and I knew I wanted to practice my chopsticks/ I always feel good when I eat more of an Asian inspired diet- lots of rice and veggies and soy sauce.

So I came across this recipe and I also had been using the crock pot more because it is so convenient with me working from home and trying to get to classes at the gym or studio. I was so excited about this dish. It smelled absolutely incredible once it started to heat up.

Coconut oil, coconut aminos, honey, how could you go wrong?!

The chicken cooked perfectly. It was my stupid idea to throw the rice noodles into the crock pot that messed it all up. I know how to make rice noodles but I thought if the chicken was already cooked in this beautiful yummy sauce, why not take the chicken out, and throw the noodles into the sauce and let them boil. Yeah, no, didn’t work,

I’ll spare you the sob story, but let’s just say- an hour later we were eating raw noodles and hand picking out chunks of delicious, moist, amazing chicken.

I also threw broccoli in there at one point and let it soak up some sauce. So the chicken pieces and broccoli really did it for me. But those noodles, nope, not so much.

It wasn’t until three days later, over the weekend that I decided to fix this. Yes, I’m going to admit to you what I actually did. I hand picked all the chicken out of noodles. I separated the chicken and broccoli leftovers from the noodles, threw the noodles in boiling water, cooked them and then added them back to the chicken and broccoli. It worked but it wasn’t as satisfying as if it was made that day and I had just cooked the noodles separately and threw them into the crock pot once they were cooked just to coat them in the sauce- like I did with the broccoli.

Well, we win some, we lose some.

I hope this post and my anger about the noodles doesn’t take away from me telling you how AMAZING this chicken was. I am for sure going to make it again- who knows, maybe I’ll even try the noodles again?





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