Adventure #44: Retakes

I decided to make a few recipes over so that I could get a new, updated photo taken by Mike instead of my crappy cell phone shots.
The two I started with were:

  1. Shrimp and Zoodles with Pancetta Cream Sauce
  2.  Kale Walnut Pesto

I have been in a bit of a pasta kick, I guess.

Recipes tend to come out better each time you make them because you learn something new each time.

With the shrimp zoodles, I definitely made less of a mess. You combine all the ingredients into a tin foil pouch and cinch it like a Hershey kiss and throw it in the oven. The first time I did it, the sauce was dripping everywhere! Literally oozing out of the sides. This time I knew enough to double wrap the foil so there was no ooze. 🙂

With the pesto, I wouldn’t say I learned anything. This was my third time I believe making it, I just love it so much! I did use spinach instead of kale but it worked out fine. We discovered this handmade pasta that Market Basket sells. Man oh man is this stuff gooooooood. That really elevated the dish for me this time. It is super fresh and eggy for lack of a better word. So delicious. I really really enjoyed this retake.


Stay tuned, my goal is to remake all recipes that I don’t have a “professional” photo for.



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