Adventure #43: Family Dinner



I had my sister and grandmother over for dinner yesterday and borrowed my friend’s cookbook and  found these recipes ( thanks Joe and Denva!) The book was from Skinnytaste- slow and fast was what it was called.

I perused the pages for a bit and captured some recipes I’m going to make sometime soon but I was looking for something that really spoke to me.

My grandmother and my sister (Amanda) both absolutely LOVE shrimp. When I saw these recipes I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I had actually made this shrimp and avocado recipe before and even have it written down in my cookbook! I had never made this zoodle dish though, but OMG am I glad I did!

Here they are:


Let’s start with the shrimp salad.

Super easy to make but here are some notes:

*Jalapeno’s: just don’t. haha. It could just be me but every time I work with jalapenos I always end up hurting myself. I swear I am not an idiot. I cut the seeds out of the pepper and washed my hands (learning from last time) but I still ended up getting it in my eye. As I was cutting the seeds out over the sink the whole area just filled up with spice and i was inhaling it! After i  washed my hands I ended up touching just near my eye ( habit, I always rub my eyes and adjust my glasses). Oh man it was burning!!!!!

I did learn from last time that I need to immediately put milk on it. I did and it helped but still- I am warning you, maybe just skip the jalapenos.

*Onions- Next time I would adjust the amount of onion. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup and somehow that seemed like too much. I love onion, even raw but it was just a bit over kill.

Super simple and yummy salad. I just need to balance out the spice a bit more next time. I got one piece of jalapeno that nearly killed my throat. No one else did though, so I’m not sure if I didn’t mix it enough or maybe left some seeds ( which I swear I got rid of them all). Oh well, it still tasted good. Grandy really enjoyed it. She went from “oh this is interesting” after the first bite, to the clean plate club and wanting more.


Now for the zoodles.

Yes. Yes. Yes. This came out awesome and everybody wanted more!

I did not read the full recipe before committing to making it like I usually do, so I didn’t know that there was an element of baking. But it was cool and fun.

This sauce was the star though.

I don’t ever cook with pancetta. I typically cut it out of recipes or just avoid recipes that use it but I am sure glad I  didn’t this time.

You start with the pancetta, shallot and garlic in the pan. Let it get golden brown. Then add the tomato sauce ( recipe says marinara but we had tomato sauce already so I went with that), light cream and parmesan cheese. Let that boil and then take it off the heat.

I had spiralized the zucchini and summer squash earlier so had it on stand by. I had the  most perfect size zucchini for spiralizing. It was super easy to work with, but I had too many noodles to shrimp ratio. So we have some for leftovers!

I tossed the zoodles in the sauce and then separated it into two foil packs and added the shrimp and then drizzled the remaining sauce into the packs. They were super saucy so I wrapped them in another piece of foil and then sort of just bunched the top like a purse shape that you would see with dumplings.

I baked them for 15 minutes and then plated one for each of us. I served the shrimp salad with the zoodles and it just became one meal. Lots of shrimp, just what they like.

They both said both dishes were good, my favorite was the zoodles! I am going to make this again for diner tonight. I have the zoodles already done so I just need to make the sauce!

I highly recommend both dishes and I had a good time making food for the fam!



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