Adventure #42: Baked Garlic and Dijon Salmon with Smashed Carrots and Potatoes

Guys. You guys!! I am on a roll this week!

Sure it’s easy to be happy when you’re feeling good and have had a lot of time this week to cook and prepare. Not so easy when you feel rushed and booked and busy. Anyway this week seems to be more of the former and not the latter so I’m going to go with it.

I went with salmon tonight because, well, just because. It’s what I wanted. I used my handy dandy Pinterest and searched until I found something tasty.

Michael is not a huge mustard guy but he has warmed up to it a bit so I thought I’d give this a whirl. And it was different from last night’s dinner ( and lunch today) so it sounded good to me.

I really lucked out though,  I used the last of our parsley, Dijon, lemons AND EVOO. The combination for this sauce/ marinade is perfection. The recipe suggests smelling it once you combine them all together and I did. Mm mm. I love garlic and the lemon and the Dijon. Yummy yummy. The fish was easy to coat. I didn’t have a brush so I just used my hands and sort of patted/ coated them. The parsley was a binding agent so it wasn’t a super watery mixture. It actually stayed on the fish.

And I love salmon. Mostly because of how quickly it cooks!

I panicked a little because we didn’t have salad greens and I drew a blank on what to serve with the fish. The picture shows potatoes and green beans. Welp, I didn’t have green beans but I did have potatoes. And carrots! We made this last week too and I loved it. So I made it again.

Funny thing though, we have been out of milk since like Sunday and I forgot this until after I was already boiling the  potatoes. Mashed for me is kind of a guilty pleasure. I know it’s not the best for you and it’s heavy. But if you are going to commit to potatoes I’m sorry ( no I’m not really) you gotta commit to the butter and milk. That’s a fact.

So we didn’t have milk. BUT Mike did have evaporated milk from his hike at the beginning of the summer. Oh yes I did. Bahaha. When I commit, man do I commit. So Mike made me some milk! Of course it worked. I really just needed enough to make the potatoes creamy and not dry. 

I love the combination of the carrots and potatoes. Comfort food at its finest. I’m not sure if it’s the carrots or the butter we use ( coconut oil based) but they had a sweetness to them, almost cinnamon-y. Took me right back to thanksgiving and butternut squash and sweet patoes. Oooo heaven!

I really enjoyed this meal. Highly recommend the fish and of course we had to use chopsticks. We did just book our flights to JAPAN for October!!!! And I totally need to practice. Using chopsticks is so not intuitive for me. And I don’t have the patience either! I joke that if I lived in Japan I’d lose 50 pounds because I wouldn’t be able to eat if all I could use was chopsticks! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I think I’d just resort to my hands…



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