Adventure #41: Honey Garlic Crockpot Chicken and Coconut Rice

Here it is:
Coconut Rice;

I love being able to work from home and get the ball rolling on dinner. This is invaluable when it comes to eating well. And the crockpot is a huge time saver here.

We had some chicken in the freezer ( I like to always have some on hand) and I knew I wanted to use the crockpot. From there it was as easy as tyoing in ‘crockpot chicken’ into Pinterest. Honestly whoever invented Pinterest- thank you, thank you, thank you.

I scrolled through until I found one that sounded good and there ya go.

The chicken was pretty frozen so the dredging station didn’t really work out. The flour didn’t stick. So I just threw the chicken into the crockpot, combined the ingredients for the sauce and poured that over the top. I didn’t have instant tapioca so I just ignored that step haha. I’m sure it has some chemical reaction that could have made this better or different but oh well.

I made some coconut rice using the above recipe and brocolli to serve on the side. I just boiled the brocolli and kept it plain. 

I did screw up a bit on the coconut rice. It’s so silly. I’ve made it like 10 times since having this blog but I always forget which recipe to use. So I found this one and it sounded right. I had leftover coconut water from the fourth when I made this yummy sangria and wanted to use it, had it on the counter and everything and still proceeded to use tap water instead. Ugh. I did use coconut milk so the flavor was there. I think I added a tad too much salt but as I was eating it with the chicken it balanced out well.

I do need to comment on the chicken though.

It was sooooooo tender. It was so moist and and absolutely perfectly cooked through. Thank you crockpot.

Highly reccomend this dish guys.



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