Adventure #40: Red, White and Green Tortellini Pesto

This dish just came to me. This is the second post this week where I’ll tell you I was thinking about food and what to cook while I was trying to fall asleep. Well, it worked.
My original plan was to make Alfredo. We didn’t have any heavy cream so I was going to use milk but turns out Michael finished the milk. So pesto was a back up plan.

I had made this pesto before and it was delicious and super simple. I used spinach instead of kale.
I started with garlic, red pepper and yellow pepper, zucchini and brocolli. Sauteed them while I boiled the tortellini.

Then I made the pesto, super simple but I used the blender since I don’t have a food prpcesser. The only thing I noticed was I had to add water.

I didn’t plan it this way but everything was red, green or yellow( white) hence the name of this dish.

Once the tortellini was done I put half the pesto and the veggies in a bowl and then added the tortellini. Topped it with a bit more parmesan and there you have it.

Red, white and green tortellini pesto.




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