Adventure #39: Crockpot Chili

I have to take a second to give myself kudos. I’ve cooked 3 nights this week and we’ve eaten at home every night this week. I guess a weekend full of booze and fried fish and lobster rolls will do that to a girl.

Anyway. As you know I cooked the swordfish this week and we had it two nights in a row, done two ways. 

So last night as a couldn’t fall asleep I decided I was going to make chili today. I can’t believe I ever forget how great a crockpot is. 

So summer doesn’t exactly scream chili but 60 degree summer days does, so it worled out.

I’ve been making this recipe for chili for about 2 years now maybe a little longer. 2014 I think was when I was first turned onto crock-potting and this was one of the first recipes I made.

It’s simple and today’s adaptation was even simpler. I was working from home today, was very busy and had plans to go to spin after work. This my friends is the absolute ideal situation to use your crock pot.

I threw all the ingredients in around 11am and dinner was ready for me when I got home from spin. I was even able to squeeze in a few bites before class!

So here it is, at least today’s version.

1 lb ground chicken

1 can organic black beans

1 can organic garbanzo beans

3/4 bag frozen fire roasted peppers and onions

1 can diced and fire roasted tomatoes

1/3 small can tomato paste

5 or so garlic cloves ( I just threw them in, whole, I’ll explain later)

Salt and pepper

Some cumin

Some chili powder

Guys. When I tell you I threw it in the crockpot I mean literally ripped bags open and poured cans of things into the crock pot. No rhyme or reason and no meauring. 

Set it on warm/ low back and forth with some stirring every so often and there you have it.

I don’t have a picture, again too hungry. I wish I got a picture though because I literally poured whole cloves of garlic into the crockpot and left them haha. 

The flavor was what I wanted. We bought short cut garlic this week; peeled already but not minced. Anyway, this did result in me picking out whole cloves of garlic during dinner. And they kind of blended into the garbanzo beans. Oh man. It tasted so good though. All the fire roasted-ness. Yum-o!



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