Adventure #37: Crock Pot Cornish Hens and Kamut Pilaf


Kamut Pilaf;

Cornish Hens;

The background about this dish:

We did a massive food shop this past weekend. I mean massive. We were down to 0 spinach in the freezer, which for us is unheard of. Michael loves his smoothies.

So we did one of those up and down every aisle type trips and a lot of money and 2 hours later we had a fully stocked kitchen.

When we got to meats these little cornish hens were on sale so I said why the heck not. I’ve never made this before, bring it on!

As for the Kamut. One of the grains from “eat pretty, live well” was kamut. I had to look it up because I didn’t even know what it was. I found this recipe for kamut pilaf and gave it a whirl.

We had a game night recently where my friend made pulled chicken sandwiches in the crock pot and it made me want to bust mine out so here you have it.

I used the recipe above for the seasoning. I dethawed the birds, stuffed them with garlic and rosemary and then seasoned them with lemon juice, more rosemary , thyme, salt and pepper. In the crock pot they went with chicken broth and they took a nice bath for 7 long hours. They were so tender when I took them out they literally slid off the bone.

I obviously shredded the meat instead of leaving them on the bone, because well, have you met me? I gotta tell you deboning this thing was gory. No to be too graphic but in the spirit of honesty, I had a bird carcass on my countertop. I don’t know what it was but the inside was very dark and veiny and bloody. Needless to say there wasn’t much meat but the white meat I did get was super juicy!

The pilaf. This was my first time working with this grain . I cooked it just like rice. I cooked it in vegetable broth and then added it to sauteed leeks, kale and garlic. It probably could have been cooked a bit longer but I really enjoyed the flavors.

I will be experimenting with this silly grain again. 

Kudos to me for trying two new things in one dish! Haha

Stay tuned for more firsts…we did buy swordfish filets this week too! …just saying. 



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