Adventure #36: Blueberry Muffins


I am sure I have told you by now that I am not a baker. My sister inherited that trait. She has the internal instinct where she just knows when cakes are done and they always come out perfect. Me on the other hand, I burn the shit out of everything I bake.

That’s something I love about my cooking adventures. I’m slowly learning patience.

I had Monday off for the holiday weekend and I don’t know why but I wanted to make blueberry muffins. This recipe had Greek yogurt and honey instead of sugar so I decided to give it a whirl.

I love watching kids baking championship on food network and every time I use my dinky little hand mixer I think of the ridiculously talented 10 years old and the legit mixers they have. I also learned from that show that baking is just science. With that being said I tried to be very precise with all my measurements. With cooking you can be more free style and if you add a dash or more extra of some seasonings it’s likely not going to be the end of the recipe.

So my measurements were good. All the dry mix came together nicely and all the wet ingredients were good. They combined nicely using my hand mixer and then we actually have a muffin tray ( that I never use). We didn’t have tray liners so I greased the pan and used as is. In they went for 20 min and then off to spin class I went. 

I left them in the oven to set while I was gone ( oven off of course) and when I got back from the gym I had a great, healthy snack.

How did they came out?

They were moist, loaded with blueberries and looked like legit muffins and not burnt!!

My only note would be to add more honey or maybe do use a little bit of sugar. They were a tad on the tart side but overall very good.

I would for sure make this recipe again but make a few tweaks for flavor.



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