Adventure #35: Very Veggie Lentil Bake

I’m baaack!

So I’ve been back for about a week actually but have been adjusting back to normal life. Last week I didn’t cook much, we had salmon, taco night and then went out to eat a few nights but I’m back and ready to go.

I bought this interactive journal/ book called “Eat Pretty, Live Well” and started into it yesterday while I was at the beach. It gave me tons of new ideas and information and this vegetarian dish is one result of my learning.

Here it is:
Lentils. Not something I eat much of. But I will now. 

The journal prompts you to set goals and even suggests some food shopping lists based around pre outlined goals. Two of the goals I chose were increased energy and healthy weight and what do you know lentils showed up on both lists.

So I used my handy dandy helper Pinterest and found this recipe.

Not going to lie I did make some mistakes here but it was fun to make something entirely new. I’ve never cooked lentils before.

I originally had two pots going, one for the rice and one for the lentils and I was cooking them in water. Um no. Thats not what you should do. Jeesh, can I read?!

Cook the lentils and rice in the vegetable broth. Derrrr.

I tried my best to fix the error and it ended up working but just took much longer.

I bought all organic vegetables for this dish. Leek ( which smelled amazing), green bell pepper, mushies and zucchini which I guess is also called a courgette. Aww how cute.

Anyway you mix it all together, season the heck out of it and top it with cheese.

The cheese. So as you may know if you have been reading my posts. I am in denial of the fact that I am lactose intolerant and should not have dairy in my diet. So I’ve tried a few times to reduce my intake but it hasn’t stuck yet. Of course reading the journal made me further confront the truth that I need to reduce my dairy intake.

My nephew had a milk and egg allergy for the first two years of his life ( he has since grown out of the milk allergy but still refuses to eat ice cream!!) He used to eat and I think still does eat Daiya cheese. It’s dairy and soy free. It’s made of pea protein and safflower oil to give you an idea. So I used this instead and just melted the slices on top.

I served this with a salad of “power greens” because yes the journal encourages one serving of greens, not just vegetables but greens, a day. In addition to a mostly vegetable plate. It worked. Now I can check that off my food log for today.

The casserole didn’t harden or form as much as I wanted it to. It reminded me of this sicilian rice ball casserole I made for my grandmother once. 

It was tasty though and seasoned well with a lot of heat from the cayenne pepper. Michael liked it. It was gone off his plate so fast!

So the highlights. It was fun to make something new and incorporate some awesome and healthy ingredients ( “beauty foods”) into my day.



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