Adventure #34: Baked Lemon Butter Flounder

Under the sea round 2!
Oh man this was good. Michael has been working overtime so he’s missed out the past two night’s on home cooked meals but I sure have been enjoying them!

When I saw this recipe I knew I had to serve it with spaghetti. This sauce just sounded too good to not be soaked up by delicious carbs! And yeah I was right. Amazing!

It came together quick and easy. Flounder, at least the kind I bought is very thin so it cooks super quick. I seasoned with salt and pepper and poured the butter mixture over the fish with one lemon slice on each piece of fish. While that baked I made the angel hair. 

I plated the angel hair, topped it with the fish and lemon slice and then drizzled the butter sauce over the fish so the pasta could soak up the magical sauce. Not going to lie I added extra butter to the pasta before I put the fish on!

Yum-o! The acidity from the lemon was so welcomed with the fish and perfectly absorbed by the angel hair. 

Man oh man did I get this one right!

Well here’s to the last home cooked meal for a week! Burgers and dogs and beer here I come!




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