Adventure #33: Coconut Crusted Flounder over Mango Fried Rice

Flounder? When I think of flounder, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking of the Little Mermaid ( under the sea, under the sea ! 🎢🎡🎢🎼🎢) Awe Flounder! 
Well needless to say I’ve never cooked flounder before but we are in a pinch this week and didn’t want to spend a lot of money or buy a lot of groceries for a two day week at home. We leave for Firefly music festival Wednesday and I can’t wait. But…that means somewhat limited good food choices so the past few days I have been pushing hard to eat super clean. So hard to not get ice cream when its 100 degrees out!

So the fish, it was the cheapest wild caught frozen fish we found and it was enough that I could do two different recipes with it and not have a ton of leftovers that would go to waste.

So here it is, recipe 1 of 2 for our friend flounder…
I mean you can’t go wrong with coconut and fruit rice. We didn’t have pineapple so I used mango. 

I had chopped up peppers for use with the salads over the weekend so had those ready to go. I had red onion not sweet onion and I was happy with that swap especially once I added the soy sauce. The rice was so pretty to make. Purple onion, red and yellow peppers, bright orange mango and deep green spinach. A new way to eat the rainbow!

So I’ll be honest, I burnt the shit out the coconut crust the first time. Luckily enough I could scrape it off and the fish was still usable. So I topped it with more coconut and baked it instead of using the broiler. If you make this dish I would suggest baking it, it got a pretty caramel-ly color to it and I couldn’t wait to eat it! And somehow, the fish was still moist and flaky.

The recipe showed peas served on the side so I made some mixed veggies and there ya have it. Veggie overload and some delicious fish!



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