Adventure #32: Pan Seared Turkey with Cranberry Caramelized Onion Salsa and Brussel Sprouts with Walnuts and Blue Cheese

Thanksgiving in June?! Yes please!

That’s exactly what this recipe was, but a much lighter version.

Again, these are from the weight watchers magazine and I paired them together and again it was a great success.

See the pics above for the recipes.

The turkey was simple and just cooked in some EVOO. 

The caramelized onion salsa was divine. I get worried that the meat doesn’t cook all the way through in the pan so as the onions were browning and then again once the cranberries were added, I cooked and covered the turkey. It worked out well. The turkey was not dry at all.

The juices from the turkey also added to the salsa. I did add a dash of parsley in the end which enahnaced and balanced out the flavors.

What’s thanksgiving without potatoes? I have one week to firefly and still want to lose weight so decided not to do mashed. However, I totally bombed these baked potatoes. I put them in the toaster oven for 45 minutes and they were still raw, so I ended up microwaving mine and it was fine but Michael doesn’t use microwaves so he didn’t have a potato with his. Womp womp.

Ok lets talk about the real star of this dish.

Brussel. Sprouts. Omg nom nom nom.

Frozen brussels into the skillet with EVOO and crank the heat up high and char those bad Larry’s. I did not use pancetta, I am not a fan. And I honestly didn’t miss it.

I added the brown sugar and cider vinegar mixture right into the pan and continued charring until they were almost black. Then I added some crumbled blue cheese and pepper, let the cheese melt a bit while the brussels really got charred, and finally after plating added a dash more of blue cheese. The cold with the hot, hot damn! Delci-oso!

Nom nom nom!

Go make this dish! 



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