Adventure #31: Maple Pecan Pork Chops with Mustard Herb Green Beans

Holy shit this was bomb. Excuse my language but damn this was good. I feel like I rediscovered my love for cooking tonight.
When I started this blog I was super pumped. I lost a bit of motivation these past few weeks but this recipe was simple, easy to make and delicious.

Such good flavors.

I bought the weight watchers magazine while I was at the grocery store last weekend. I was drawn in by ” 15 minute or 5 ingredient recipes” yaaassssss please!

This meal was two recipes I thought would go together. And. They. Did!

See the pics above for the recipe.

What’s not to love above maple butter pecan? Sounds like an ice cream flavor, so must be good! 

The pork cooked nicely, even on the stove, which we all know gives me the heeby geebies. But it was in no way shape or form undercooked. And the layering and the stages of cooking it in the butter and then syrup and then pecans- amazing.

These greens beans though. On. Point.

I’m so used to just “heating up by stove or toaster oven” that I never think of creative ways to spice up veggies. Well here ya go.

I did use the stove top to heat them and then added the butter, herbs and mustard. I also added a dash of crushed red becauae it looked like they did in the picture but it wasn’t listed as an ingredient. 

And then I just used leftover rice from earlier this week. 

The house smelled anazing while this was cooking and again it was super easy to make.

Highly, highly recommend you make this. I will for sure be making it again.



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