Adventure #29: Korean Pork with Jasmine Rice and Brocolli

IMG_5596What do you do when your boyfriend comes home early from what was supposed to be a week long backpacking trip? You cook, derrr.

Had he not come home early I’m not sure I would have made this deliciousness.

I have made this before but this time used ground pork.

Here’s the recipe:
In my mind this was a whole different dish than what I had already blogged about. It did taste the same though, which I’m not mad about that. That’s why I made it again!

I had organized the pantry and fridge for this week of me being a bachelorette and hadn’t really planned on making anything too adventurous or even blogging since my camera man was elsewhere.

But I’m very happy with this dish. I would use ANY meat with this sauce and it pairs so well with the rice and broccoli. And I happened to have scallions that were still good in the fridge!

I am blogging about this a day after I made it and we had leftovers for lunch so I can provide some insight on that.

I mixed it all together and it was like fried rice. I love the sweet sugary flavor with the scallions. And I did throw in an extra veggie with the green beans. Yummy yummy.

Please make this dish. It is so good and everyone deserves to taste it!



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