Adventure #28: Lemon Chicken Skillet


I made this on a warm summery- feeling spring day and it was super refreshing!

It was fun to make too. I also got to add a new spice to the collection: lemon pepper. Welcome.

I always get a little nervous when I pan fry chicken versus bake it in the oven, I feel like it doesn’t cook all the way through. This had a lot of moisture/ juice to cook in so it was perfect. The fact that the liquid was basically butter was even better!

So you flour and season the chicken and cook it most of the way through. Then you leave all the juices on the skillet, remove the chicken and add the lemon slices. Brown them and then add the chicken back in. What happens is the lemon juice marinades the chicken as it continues to cook and you are left with tangy, refreshing, moist chicken.

For the rice, I just made jasmine. I did add some extra butter, for two reasons. There was about a teaspoon left after using what I needed for the chicken and since there was butter in the chicken I didn’t mind continuing that flavor into the rice. It was subtle.

I used to eat white rice and peas when I was younger and would add a shit ton of butter. It was delicious, but that is a thing of the past now. Needless to say we don’t usually butter our rice, we use coconut milk instead!

I needed a vegetable for this and broccoli felt right.

And there you have it. Super refreshing, moist chicken over rice and broccoli.




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