Adventure #23: Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

So I hate to start off on a negative by admitting defeat but at the same time it’s a positive: this is 6/19 and the last recipe I’ll be making out of the 19 recipe challenge, because I’m LISTENING to my body.
Cheese, oh glorious cheese, why must you hate me. Or body, glorious body why must you hate cheese?! Either way I am admitting defeat against the battle to keep cheese in my diet.

The recipes in this 19 recipe post have cheese and this was the only one left that I thought would be good for my belly.

And it was! These came out awesome and were super filling.

Here’s the recipe:

My shortcuts:

Rotisserie chicken- I have been relying heavily on this lately instead of cooking chicken. I know it’s not the healthiest, but I eat only the breast meat with the skin removed. We bought frozen chicken at TJ’s last time we food shopped and I came home only to realize Michael had grabbed the chicken wings instead of boneless breasts. Again, when it comes to chicken I only eat the breast meat and can’t do it if its on a bone! 

Water chestnuts in a can. I’m not sure if this is the only way you can find them in a grocery store but I almost left the store and cooked the recipe without them. But as I was getting coconut milk for tomorrows meal I saw the can of water chestnuts in the international aisle- woot woot.

Frozen mushrooms and frozen shelled edamame. Super time saver here.

With the chicken I used my mom’s tuna smasher and got it nice and ground up which came in handy when building the wraps because they stuck and held together better.

The flavors were good- I was a little worried this would be dry or bland but it was nice. The hoisin sauce and sriarcha gave it a nice kick and I added some pepper as well. Very yummy and very filling-I think we each had 3 wraps. And there’s plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Side note- I used romaine lettuce for the wrap. When I say I had a hard time finding water chestnuts in the store, I had a RIDICULOUSLY hard time finding damn iceberg lettuce. Can you believe that?!

Anyway- super quick, delicious, easy and healthy dinner idea for busy weeknights!

Bon appetit



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