Adventure #22: California Veggie Grilled Chicken Pasta Bowls

Recipe 5/19
I made a lot of edits to this dish, I’ll start out with that disclaimer. I ran to the store today to get the ingredients I needed for this dish and that’s where the edits came in. I had looked at the recipe beforehand so I knew what I needed and how it was going to all come together.

*I used rotisserie chicken instead of grilling chicken

*I used penne instead of rigatoni

*I used mixed greens instead of lettuce

*I stir fried all of the veggies with EVOO,  salt and pepper instead of grilling

So what I had was another “build your own” meal.

The steps:

_Mixed greens on the whole plate

_ 1/3 plate penne

_1/3 plate chicken

_1/3 plate stir fried veggies

_avocado in the middle

_sprouts on top of avocado

_fresh basil scattered on the dish

It’s funny, certain parts of this dish went together really well but it didn’t all come together as one.

I loved the penne with the tomatoes and zucchini and corn.

I loved the chicken with the sprouts and avocado.

The greens didn’t quite do it for me.

I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow and I think I’m going to do the penne with the veggies, chicken and fresh basil. And can we talk about the FRESH basil for a sec.

I was at Hannafords today not TJ’s and I couldn’t find the basil. Whenever a recipe calls for basil I go right for dried but I have to admit fresh is the way to go. I mean I know that fresh is always better but man did it make a difference in this dish. The tomatoes, zucchini and EVOO with the fresh basil took me right back to Italy! Prego 👌



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