Adventure #21: Asian Ginger Beef Tacos with Peanut Sauce

So I caved and I bought a new phone today. I bought an Amazon fire tablet specifically for Pinterest and food blogging and it didn’t really work out. So I caved and here I am writing this post on my sleek new phone ( that autocorrects!- I know Michael appreciates that as much as I do)
Now let’s talk food. 

Recipe 4/19;

These tacos were bomb diggity. We were going to a Celtics game Tuesday night and I decided I was going to cook before we went so we didn’t spend more money at the garden. If you know me at all, this a huge feat. And I did it!

The beef part of the taco was fairly easy to make. I went easy on the ginger since I learned the hard way that Michael isn’t a fan. 

And then the really fun part was slicing and dicing all the beautiful veggis that went into the tacos. As I was chopping all of these veggies I felt inspired to plate them on a platter and serve the tacos “build it yourself” style. 

It was fun! 

And then the peanut sauce was an adventure. I love peanut sauce but have never made it myself. It was interesting. We have chunky peanut butter in our house at all times so there were chunks of peanuts in the sauce. It would have been different if I used creamy peanut butter but it was still good and enhanced the flavors of the taco. Using water to thin out the peanut butter worked like a charm and then the lime juice worked insanely well to give it a little something extra.

These were pretty filling too. We each had three and were good for the rest of the night.

I highly recommend this dish and would make it again if I didn’t have 15 more recipes to try first!



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