Adventure #20: Pan Seared Salmon with Mediterranean Salsa Fresca and Toasted Couscous

04-13-17#20! #20! Wow, go me. That’s a big deal!

This is also #3\19
The name though…

I would call this ” Salmon I cooked on the griddle, Mediterranean salsa I accidentally made with zucchini instead of cucumber and couscous”

A lot of things went wrong in this dish and my name for it perfectly sums it up. Ha!

No -in all fairness it turned out fine. These were different flavors for us and I modified the salsa because I don’t like olives and I didn’t have more tomatoes (and if I did we all know I would have added them to my pesto from the other night!) Oh and I totally bought a zucchini instead of cucumber. But this wasn’t bad. I really like the parsley and dil combo on the veggies and YES another salmon recipe WITHOUT avocado.

I was happy with my prep for the salmon. I took it out of the freezer this morning so it had all day to thaw and I seasoned it and let it marinade while I did a quick workout after work. It wasn’t my favorite seasoning for salmon and the filet\ cut itself was different than what we usually get from TJ’s.

Now after all that criticiusm of myself and the recipe, I’ll end on a positive: the couscous. Did I make it exactly as directed? No, but it was awesome! It’s hard to mess up EVOO, parsley and garlic with any kind of grain. I loved all of the flavors of this dish married together. Towards the end of the meal I’d get a bite of salmon, some veggies and couscous all rolled together and it was yummy!

Now, time to go eat some chocolate!



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