Adventure #19: Kale Walnut Pesto with Blistered Tomatoes

2017-04-12 19.36.17.jpgRecipe 2\19;

OK so there could be a few reasons why this is my new favorite recipe

1. I haven’t had pasta in a really long time

2. It has cheeeeeeeese

3. The pesto is on point AND I made it myself!

Seriously though this is so good and wicked easy to make. It’s really three steps: make the pesto, roast the tomatoes and then cook the spaghetti.


I don’t have a food processor so I used the blender for the pesto but had to add water first in order to get it to blend.

The recipe says to reserve pasta water to thicken the sauce later, I didn’t do that because I added the water when making the pesto.

I dumped the whole tray of tomatoes right into the bowl with the pasta so I got the extra olive oil- I was not mad that I did this!

The tomatoes were my favorite part of this dish! I’ve never blistered tomatoes before ( I’m not sure how it differed from roasting) and I don’t like warm tomatoes- well I do now!

Again, so good and makes plenty of food, I only wish I had more tomatoes! I’m not a big tomato fan so the fact I’m saying that is a testament to how freaking amazing this recipe really is-like when is a pint of tomatoes not enough!!?


PS Michael obviously didn’t take the photo above, he was busy shopping for his upcoming Appalachian trail hike. But no worries I promise a better picture soon, because I’ll definitely be making this again!



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