Adventure #16: Salmon Patties…and a “Special Sauce”


Omg yum, Omg yum, Omg yum..say it with me now, Omg yum!

I had a feeling these would be good, but these were gooooooooooood.

Thought behind this dish- I didn’t have time to fully food plan this week and food shop so I was working off what we already had and really tried to rely on my fully stocked spice and condiments stash.

I also was thinking ” salmon, how does one cook salmon if not using avocado salsa?”

This did give me quite the dilemma for a minute and then I remembered that Mike’s mom makes salmon pies and then that somehow brought me to this memory of these crab cakes I had last summer on Martha’s Vineyard. They came with fresh greens and this spicy savory sauce.

So here’s the recipe for the salmon patties:

And here’s the recipe for the “special” sauce:

The recipe calls for canned salmon but I had a salmon filet that I thawed out by letting sit in hot water for about 20 minutes while I chopped the onion and made the sauce. I smashed it up using my mom’s tuna smasher and it looked just like canned (I don’t know if that’s a good thing?!)

Then I basically made meatballs or meatloaf but with salmon- eggs, parsley, breadcrumbs.

I doubled this recipe because we had the filet of salmon which I figured equaled about two cans.

I ended up making about 20 patties! I had a little assembly line going- scoop and pat the patty, dunk in breadcrumbs, place in pan…repeat 19 times!

Some notes/ remarks

The recipe said to melt the butter in the pan on low and slowly brown the patty, remove from pan, add more butter and brown the other side.

  • This took FOREVER! I understand now why it said to do that, I turned the heat up a bit and the butter burned and the patties were charred on one batch.
  • The other batch I used butter for the first round of browning and then resorted to my plethora of experience frying food (ha!) and threw oil in the pan and fried those bad Larry’s up.
  • I’m not sure which I liked better- both batches came out amazing, minus the one or two burnt ones.

I ate 3 patties just waiting for the others to cook and then while Mike photoed.

We used mixed baby kale as our greens, which went very well I thought, and this sauce went perfectly with this dish, it acted as a sauce and salad dressing.

This was the perfect balance- some green to go with the fried.

I highly recommend making these, and of course they will be enjoyed again as lunch tomorrow~



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