Adventure #13: “Photon” Soup

03-27-17This was an adventure, that’s for sure.

The recipe itself, pho with wontons, was super simple:

It was what happened after that was the adventure.

Michael and I went to a Thai restaurant down our street a few weekends ago and got pho and it was amazing! I had had it only one time before, in San Francisco, and the experience was less than memorable.

So this week I decided to try my hand at it. I found tons of pho recipes, some required hours of simmering and one day I’ll try that but this combined tons of greens with wontons and I happened to have shrimp wontons from TJ’s in the freezer. The pho I got recently had pork, wontons and greens. I was looking for similar flavors.

I also felt a little sick today and hot soup sounded great to me.

So what I love about pho was the fresh herbs and greens, and Michael wanted more vegetables and he certainly got them in this dish: kale, bok choy, scallions, ginger, garlic, cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapeños. Mmmmmm.

The bean sprouts, cilantro and jalapeño were placed on top after the soup was made and it gave it that nice crunch.

Now, for the adventure.

This was my second night working with jalapeños and halfway through eating dinner my eye and cheek started stinging. So bad I had to hop in the shower mid meal and rinse my eye out. I also stuck a paper towel wet with milk onto my eye. Yeah, that happened and it did work! 

So, take a-ways, wash your damn hands after seeding a darn jalapeño. And pro tip from Mike- milk cuts the acidity of peppers that makes it sting. Oh man, what an adventure…


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