Adventure #12: Curried Cauliflower Soup and Baked Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes

03-26-17Two different recipes that I thought would go together.

We’re not soup people and I really like to eat so I was really just worried the soup wouldn’t be enough food.

Here are the recipes:

Man am I pooped. I feel like I spent a good hour and a half in the kitchen. Cooking two recipes is tough work. 

Kudos to Michael for cleaning up after said hour and a half in the kitchen. Makes me think of my parents and how they always say ‘uh oh biz in the kitchen’, ‘tornado biz’.

How accurate they are of course. Its funny considering I am just realizing how truly appropriate my blog name is.

Anyways, I found myself chopping the veggies I’d need for both recipes at once and putting them aside. I also noted the necessity of reading how to make the recipe before cooking it. 

The cauliflower soup calls for roasting the cauliflower for about 25 minutes. And the potatoes and chickpeas needed to be roasted for that amount of time too, each at 400 degrees so it worked out. More prep work was needed for the potatoes and chickpeas than the cauliflower so there was a slight time difference but it still worked out.

The flavors of the soup were delicious and the texture was spot on. I really enjoyed it. Even with the jalapeños.

And ditto to the tomatoes, parsley and lemon topping for the potatoes, a pleasant surprise.

Definitely a different twist on our normal cuisine tonight but overall very pleased.


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