Day 6 and 7…2 Dinners and a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

If you’re reading my blog, then you know I don’t cook on weekends. Ha!

So here we are, Wednesday night and I haven’t blogged in almost a week. So the story tonight is two dinners and a chocolate chip cookie.

Here’s the recipes:

The highlights:

*chopping garlic is fun for me now

* I really enjoyed the flavors of the spicy noodle sauce; ginger, sriracha, and red pepper

* the Korean beef reminded me of the Mongolian beef and we all know how much I loved that recipe

* I am an expert rice cooker now

* I haven’t made a recipe with cheese in like 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

The not so highlights

* we had our first fail in the kitchen, Mike was not a fan of the spicy Thai noodles even though he loves spicy, I learned he HATES ginger

* I am NOT a baker; my instincts told me the butter had to be melted….should’ve trusted them….

I’ve really enjoyed the recipes the last two nights and they were easy to make. Oh and P.S. we’re fresh out of soy sauce! Surprised I’m sure since we’ve been eating 47474738383 gallons in the last three weeks.

Time to go eat the chocolate chip clumpy butter cookies 😉


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