Day 5: Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry

03-09-17-2I haven’t been sleeping well this week, which means I don’t have a lot of energy and haven’t been working out like I should. So with all of that out of whack, the one area I feel like I had some control was in the kitchen.

So let’s throw a ton of veggies in a stir fry pan. I had pre-selected this recipe earlier in the week before I knew how desperately I would need it. Man oh man am I glad I did.

Here it is:

Very simple and easy to make. I really got into cooking about a year ago and Mike and I started collecting different spices and now we have this pretty awesome spice drawer, yes drawer. Every time we food shopped we’d pick out a new spice we wanted to try but didn’t have. Anyway my point was that once you have the staples and keep the kitchen fully stocked, it makes it so much easier to cook for yourself. This was especially true tonight and in the last weeks. We have all sorts of spices and oils on hand that have lent themselves well to our newer “diet”. We are really trying to eat more rice and vegetables as oppose to pasta and cheese. So we have soy sauce, sesame oil, mirin, scallions, ginger and other traditional Asian flavors on hand. Definitely needed them tonight.

I basically threw all the veggies, some fresh, some frozen into the wok with the Avocado oil. While that cooked, I boiled water to cook the rice noodles. Mike went to the store earlier while I was working late and picked up, I swear to God, the MOST PERFECT rotisserie chicken. I will admit I hate de-boning the chicken, but this bird was on point my friends. The meat literally slipped off the bone. Hands down the best time saver in the kitchen is rotisserie chicken. I only eat the breast meat and  don’t eat the skin and this was great for this dish.

I added the chicken to the veggies and let them cook together for a bit.

I made the sauce and poured half on the stir fry and half on the noodles. There were A LOT of noodles so I wanted to make sure they were soaked in sauce, and then I combined everything together, plated them, added sesame oil and scallions and ladies and gentleman there you have it, the beauty you see pictured above.

Photo cred: my one and only, Mr. Bourgeois ( get a watermark already babe)


1. I was so smart to coat the noodles before mixing them into the stir fry

2. The sauce had corn starch in it and cornstarch is SO freakin messy so I poured it into one of my tall mason jars and its super easy to scoop out now, no mess ( but if it was messy- I HAVE AN APRON now!!!!!!- thanks Dana)

3. I tasted the stir fry while it was cooking and thought it needed a dash more flavor so I added curry. It went well, and then once I plated it, after the photo of course, I tossed it and all the flavors really sank in.
Highly recommend this recipe if you’re looking for some veggies and a quick dinner ( and lunch for the next day)



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