Day 4: Dinner: Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

03-06-17Avocado salsa, not guacamole, there’s a difference I guess???!

So this is my first post using my new tablet, woot woot!

However, this blog has been something Mike and I have done together since the beginning but today he’s home editing the photos and I’m here, sitting in my car at the laundromat because there is nowhere to sit inside and I have 12min until the first load is done.

Anyway, back to the food.

So here is the recipe:

Super easy to make and man oh man did I enjoy this. Kinda hard not to love anything that has avocado in the name.

And cilantro, yes the cilantro. I’ve come to learn I really enjoy cilantro. I love Mexican food and cilantro always seems to be there!

So not only was the cilantro in the marinade but also the salsa. I enjoy making recipes that carry an ingredient through the whole dish. Yum!

First I mixed the ingredients together for the marinade, threw it in a baggy with the  chicken and let it settle for 20 min. My chicken wasn’t all the way thawed so I left it out on the counter while it marinated to give it some time to thaw and let the juices soak in. Oh yeah and remember how I love avocado? Yep, I used AVOCADO OIL in the marinade because, why not?

While that was chilling out, I started the rice. We’ve been eating a lot more rice which I feel has replaced the pasta and potatoes we used to eat so yay for us. I am also way more confident in my rice cooking skills now. Super proud (pats self on back) Basmati rice it was, and yes it went perfectly with this dish. I even threw a dash of salt in the water while I cooked it, not sure what that does ha! But some other recipes I’ve made recently suggest it.

And then…there was…the avacado SALSA

Hands down the best part.

I’ve made guac before and I’m confident in saying I can make a mean guac but this salsa was bomb.

What was different you ask? What makes it so good?

Garlic, crushed red and a dash of red wine vinegar. Yup, you’re welcome, go try it! Even better, bring me some for my lunch tomorrow!

So I haven’t seen the picture mike took yet, I always write while he’s editing but I know the picture will highlight the best component of this dish, that SALSA.

In the words of Rachel Ray, yum-o!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana says:

    Love this post! Great pic too 🙂


  2. Alex says:

    Love the garlic cloves accented in the photo!! Looks amazing!!


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