Day 3:Dinner: Honey Garlic Shrimp with Coconut Rice 

03-02-17I won’t get fat if ALL I eat is coconut rice right?

I think I may have a problem!

In all honesty the theme this week for sure has been garlic and ginger, and coconut compliments them so well!

I was able to try a new trick with my garlic tonight and it worked. Hit the garlic with the side of the knife BEFORE peeling. Der. Works perfect.

So here’s the recipe:

It’s Mike’s birthday today and yesterday was my grandmother’s so we ate pretty poorly last night. Mike is very easy to please so he was fine with staying in- I did ask if he wanted to eat out but we both definitely overdid it last night.

So this was simple, fairly healthy and light.

The recipe calls for brown rice but since I’m obsessed with coconut rice now I had to make it. This time around I used jasmine brown rice from Trader Joe’s so the taste was a little off but still very good.

I loved that that the shrimp I bought was cooked, de-veined, peeled AND tails cut off! That alone saved me 15 minutes in the kitchen. Only downside: farm raised. I went with the cheaper frozen shrimp so next time I’ll keep a sharper eye out for wild caught.

I saw it pictured with broccoli so I threw some broccoli in the oven with some cooking spray and roasted it a bit; my new fave way of eating broccoli.
Overall this recipe was easy to make and delicious. Awesome flavor combination.

Lessons learned:

x: jasmine rice is better than brown for coconut rice

x: hit the garlic BEFORE peeling

x: marinade- discard the marinade you use with the raw meat, and make extra marinade to use when cooking (my shrimp was cooked but this was a good note for me that i didn’t think about)

Delicious meal for a special dinner. Followed by scrumptious decadent chocolate cake for the birthday boy!


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