Day 2: Dinner: Lemon Butter Chicken

02-28-17.jpgSo today was one of those days I wasn’t feeling it. I got home late, didn’t want to spend the time to cook, wanting something fast and easy, like takeout.

But I had asked my boyfriend earlier to take the chicken out of the freezer so subliminally I guess I really did want to cook because I know how much better I feel when I cook my own meals.

So I looked through my meal journal for this week and chose one of my chicken recipes.

Here it is:

We just wrapped up dinner and Mike took his first food photos for me, how exciting! Stay tuned for those, he is editing them as I’m writing this.

So the recipe, the meal, how was it?

It was good. I still have my Mongolian beef and that coconut rice on my brain so this meal wasn’t as good as that.

What did I learn:

1. Peeling and chopping your own garlic is definitely a way to practice patience

2. It’s fun to cook grains in liquids other than water- we had bought farro and I’ve never made it before so I had the remaining chicken broth left over from the chicken in this meal and cooked it right in that! Yum

3. Butter makes anything taste good!

So this meal ended up being more of a soup but it was tasty. The sauce didn’t thicken enough so it was more of broth but the farro worked nice as a grain in the soup and the chicken was nice and juicy.

Leftovers are packed up and ready for lunch tomorrow.


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